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While there are many different type of roofing systems, the ultimate decision is determined by numerous factors. Whether for your home or business property you have to consider the cost of installation and maintenance as well as other factors such as weather and climate. While you may be tempted to install a flat roof, there actually are several reasons why a low slop roof can be a better option. All things being equal, if the choice comes down to flat or low slope we tend to recommend low slope. If for no other reason than low slopes roofs do not accumulate as much water resulting in less leakage.

Low Sloop Roofing Systems Require Less Maintenance

Over time even the best roofing system can start to deteriorate. For this reason, roof maintenance should be a consideration any time you are considering replacing your current roof. People tend to forget that a leaky roof can lead to water damage which is a much more expensive repair. A flat roof is more apt to collect rain water and have it remain there for an extended amount of time. This is one of the main reasons that flat roof maintenance costs so much more than for a low sloop roof, and why we recommend professional installation of a low slope roof as a better long term option for your property.

Increased Curb Appeal

Though not quite as importance as maintenance cost, low slop roofs tend to be more asthetically pleasing than flat roofs as well. When someone stands in front of a home with a flat roof the rooftop is completely hidden from sight. The low slope roof on the other hand is still slightly different from the traditional peaked roof, but still more attractive to the majority of people than the profile of a flat roof. Again, asthetics should not be the only thing you base you decision on. Having said that, asthetics and long term costs are the two most important factors when it comes to replacing a roofing system, and mby our calculations the low sloop roof is preferable in both categories.

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